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Business Strategy and Planning

What does success look like in your business?  Business Planning is an essential part of organisational management that provides a shared vision of success and focus.

Many business owners get stuck working ‘in their business’ at the expense of working ‘on their business’.  It is important for business owners to step back and take a strategic approach in reviewing their operations to ensure they are maximising every opportunity for success.

Operations Management

How much time and money can you save in your business?  Improving operational efficiency has an incremental effect on business performance which can lead to reductions in overheads and a better bottom line.

Advances in technology including cloud computing, smart phones, improvements in internet speed are changing the way organisations operate and share information.  Businesses need to be constantly reviewing and streamlining their systems, processes and procedures to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Financial Management

Do you understand the key drivers of financial performance in your business?  Timely and accurate management reporting systems are essential to allow organisations to maximise opportunities and monitor business performance.

Business owners need to have a solid grasp of their financial position at all times.  Regularly reviewing financial management reports including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, debtors, inventory and expense reports, can help identify opportunities for business improvement.

The use of key performance indicators, forecasts and budgets, can keep your team accountable and focused on improving profitability.

Sales and Marketing

Are you up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing?  Technology changes including the internet and smart devices have disrupted the traditional business marketing channels of newspaper, radio, television and the yellow pages.

Generating and managing customer enquiry effectively is critical to business performance.  Effective use of digital marketing including website, SEO, google adwords, blogs, social and direct email when combined with traditional marketing approaches can greatly improve customer reach and communications.

Business Economics

Do you understand how changes in the economy affect your business?  The world is more connected than ever and change is occurring at a faster pace than any time in history.  In order to stay ahead of the competition it is imperative understand how your business is affected by changes in economic conditions.

Your business’s viability and profitability is determined by the supply and demand of its products.  Business owners need to continually review market conditions and their operating environment taking into account potential changes in the political, economic and social landscape.

Organisation and HR Management

What makes a good business leader?  Effective management from your leadership team is essential for creating a positive working culture and a successful business.

Business is about people – your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and how they interact.  Understanding how to implement strategies, systems and procedures that improve the relationships and communication between your business stakeholders can improve the overall management of your organisation.

Information Technology

Are you aware how changes in information technology impact your business?  Developments in information technology are allowing businesses to streamline processes and improve communications between customers, suppliers, employees, management and other business stakeholders.

Small businesses now have access to a variety of high quality, low cost, cloud based software that can greatly improve their efficiency in business management, accounting, customer relationship management, human resources management and project management.

Project Management

How do you implement change in your business?  All organisations need to constantly review their environment and identify opportunities for improvement.

Implementing change can be difficult and requires careful planning to ensure that the business is not negatively impacted due to budget and time overruns or reductions in project scope.

Businesses who embrace change using project management techniques can stay ahead of the competition and maximise business performance.

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